Distance Monitoring

Condensed Training Programs:

Program Details for Bajiquan Linking (Feudal Elements Course):

*Liu Yun Qiao presents the Bajiquan Linking Routine which contains essential elements of Xiao (small) Baji and Da (big) Baji sets.

*IRFS presents the feudal context of applications and structure (we will monitor structural progress/ provide tech support for those with research interests into feudal Bajiquan)

»NEW« ANCIENT CHEN TAI CHI features: IRFS Feudal Elements Course (Four Modules) Bajiquan descends from the heavy armor era in Ming Dynasty, renown for its simplicity, practicality, and fierce short-range elbows. Bajiquan and Chen Taijiquan are originally one system in ancient times.

*The First Module is $12, the remaining Three Modules are free of charge & available only in succession after Distance Monitoring (refer to Distance Guide below)

»The journey into ancient kingdoms starts now- Distance Monitoring by feudal historians is unparalleled in modern Internal Martial Art online programs, research-based, methodical, efficient«


STEP TWO:  Decide if the material is of interest and proceed to train [Please email:  kuan@baguakungfu.com if interested in additional modules and for a free consultation on customized training guidelines]

STEP THREE:  Utilize the Distance Guide Assessment and submit your private training video for the FIRST MODULE (unlisted Youtube upload/ Don’t Be Shy, Your Training Archive Is CLASSIFIED). 3 Minute or 5 Minute Upload- PayPal (G&S option, $19.99 for 3Min, $28.99 for 5 Min to:  kuan@baguakungfu.com SEND UNLISTED YOUTUBE LINK DIRECT TO kuan@baguakungfu.com

STEP FOUR:  After the pointers/ additional instructions, and feedback are received for Module One, you will receive the SECOND MODULE (free of charge)- THE STEPS REPEAT FOR THE REMAINING MODULES

The CTJQ Breakdown:  Beijing Gongfu Jia Taijiquan historical routines emphasize the Xin Jia 83 System of Chen Fake/ Zhaokui and Cannonfist- the feudal biomechanics and martial strategy are more well-preserved than the popular Lao Jia 74 mainstream instruction (due to the Beiyang New Army connection at the fall of Qing Dynasty). Gongfu Jia Chen Taijiquan consists of more complex and obvious internal spiraling, fierce short range power release, transitions, and dynamic body skill. Beijing Chen utilizes the ancient deductive approach of martial movement: from a single movement to different techniques (refer to pic above).  The online training material is from CHEN YU, the direct son of Chen Zhaokui. Chen Zhaokui is the son of Chen Fake- all martial lineages of Chen Taijiquan are from Chen Fake in Beijing. For Taijiquan enthusiasts who seek original Taijiquan framework pre-dating the two waves of sports modifications since 1928, Gongfu Jia of Chen Yu is recommended.
THE BJQ BREAKDOWN: Wutan Bajiquan historical routines are short and sweet, practical, efficient. The ultra-compact system is essentially feudal Military Boxing of armored Chinese Knights or a feudal version of modern Sanda. In ancient times, Bajiquan is cross-trained with Chen Taijiquan (Lao Jia 74 Sword & Shield Routine), and is inherent in Beijing Gongfu Jia Taijiquan.  The complete system consists of four linear sets (Xiao Baji/ Da Baji/ Linking/ Liu Da Kai). Bajiquan is renown for segmented and continuous long to short-range bursts of power- brutal with collision, often with elbows, shoulders, and piercing fists. Wutan Bajiquan retains the strategy used in the medieval era of armor- fiercely colliding and impacting an opponent, knocking him to the ground to disrupt the Qi.

Comprehensive Training Programs:

Experience Feudal Chen Tai Chi Chuan and Wutan Bajiquan with the new Online Biomechanics/ Feudal Insight Training Program

The nuanced biomechanical and scholarly, research approach, to feudal Chen Taijiquan (Chen Longfist) and Wutan Bajiquan of the Ming Dynasty is now accessible in the comfort of your own home. Join the movement in the historical restoration of raw Chinese Internal Martial Arts. This program is designed for an individual seeking customized training with a more economical approach than private lessons. Distance Monitoring works for beginners, or for those already familiar with the Chen System and would like precision corrections or nuanced historical insight into the empty-hand routines. The original context of the Chen routines and applications/ weapons strategy are generally not instructed properly due to inaccurate documentation of history. WE ARE FEUDAL HISTORIANS. Wutan Bajiquan is well preserved in the modern era- this program can monitor progress on any Wutan Bajiquan material on the public domain, offering guidance for those without a qualified instructor in their area. Additionally, we can monitor proper biomechanics and historical body skill- if you need a spotter (tech support). Our organization’s approach is to preserve medieval Ming and Qing strategy/ feudal context of Chen Tai Chi Chuan and Bajiquan- originally one system in the heavy armored era. 

In the 21st century, online training is effective and efficient- DISTANCE MONITORING has replaced our public classes:
  • »Receive direct training from an elite instructor/ feudal historian
  • »Distance Monitoring is the future of martial arts learning
  • »Online instructional materials are provided free of charge
  • »Raw historical perspective unparalleled in the modern world of Internal Martial Arts
  • »Restores commercial  Chen Tai Chi misconceptions back to base reality
  • »Monitors Wutan Bajiquan training and reunites Bajiquan with Chen Longfist
  • »Experience the historical context of Taijiquan/ Bajiquan recognized by Chinese scholars
  • »Advanced skills integrated with learning curves of each individual
  • »Benefit from Distance Guidance for Empty Hand Biomechanics and Feudal Structure/ Applications for the COMPLETE SYSTEMS of Wutan Bajiquan and Beijing Chen Taijiquan: (detailed text analysis for corrections in postures, routines, and applications- with additional material/ historical context of medieval unarmed/ armed research, strategy, & psychology)

Ancient Chen Tai Chi- Online Training Launch

Step One: Receive your free consultation to discuss which system and approach suit your needs. We generally recommend Xin Jia (two versions of the framework, Chen Fake or Chen Zhaokui) as the foundation, as it preserves Ming era armored technique, and the Qing non-armored (thus more practical for modern times). From a feudal historian perspective- Xin Jia contains much more nuances and mysteries which are currently unexplored in the Chen world.  It simply is impossible to decipher the medieval system with the Post -1928 approach to Taijiquan. Wutan Bajiquan of the Liu Yun Qiao line is the foundation for a comprehensive Ming Era experience- uniting Bajiquan with feudal Chen Longfist. Gongfu Jia Taijiquan is the BAJIQUAN integrated system of Chen Fake, and further refined by Chen Zhaokui. Bajiquan is the empty-hand/ spear strategy branching from General Qi Jiguang- the grand founding father of Chen Taijiquan. Feudal Bajiquan is inseparable in its unarmed and spear strategy from feudal Chen Taijiquan before the 1928 fitness reform in China.  Beijing Gongfu Jia is the improved system integrating Qi Jiguang unarmed methods for modern civilians or security personnel.  Email:   kuan@ancienttaichi.com

Step Two:  Alternative Online Training Material will be provided free of charge providing factual documentation of feudal Ming Tai Chi Chuan strategy before it was called Tai Chi Chuan.

Step Three: Decide if the material is of interest and proceed

Step Four: Study the training material

Step Five: Utilize the Distance Guide Assessment and submit your private training video (unlisted Youtube upload/ Don’t Be Shy, Your Training Archive Is Classified). 3 Minute or 5 Minute Upload- PayPal (G&S option, $19.99 for 3Min, $28.99 for 5 Min to:  kuan@baguakungfu.com  SEND UNLISTED YOUTUBE LINK DIRECT TO kuan@baguakungfu.com

Please Allow 24 Hours for email confirmation after receipt of your video link and payment and up to 72 hours for Guide Assessment Processing. We analyze your personal martial arts video to give you feedback on your skills in combination with the training/ research material provided. 

Youtube Unlisted Video Option & Upload Instructions:

  • »Title the file like this: last name-first name- Xin Jia Yi Lu (which Taijiquan routine)- 3min/or 5min
  • »Check the “Unlisted” option (you’ll have a choice between public, unlisted, or private).
  • »Do NOT ever make the video public on youtube as the information contained is copyrighted.
  • »You may ask questions during each submitted video within the time frame provided including biomechanics or martial applications.

We will confirm receipt of your video link by email. After we review your unlisted youtube upload, you will receive a text evaluation via email (up to 8 pointers for Three Minutes Upload/or 12 pointers for Five Minutes Uploadwhich may include time codes on problem areas, online cross-reference material (free of charge), Ming era weapons strategy, or further instructions). The pointers are precise and detailed, it will serve as an invaluable resource to have a feudal historian monitor your progress. It Works Well.

Step Six:  Repeat steps for layering corrections or submit training video for the next section. Though rare, if you are not improving through the text evaluation of training video submission, a live personal training workshop is Austin TX is recommended- after which the Distance Guide will provide continued momentum in progress. Live training for true hands-on medieval application/ biomechanics is essential to mastery- it is recommended once a year through private training workshops in Austin TX. However, Distance Guide Assessment training will benefit total understanding and provide a comprehensive journey through medieval Tai Chi Chuan and Bajiquan.