Instructor & Guild:

Kuan Wang is the primary instructor at Ancient Tai Chi. Kuan founded the Qi Jiguang/ Feudal Arts Research Organization in Austin, Texas, drawing from different disciplines of Shaolin styles. Kuan Wu has trained internationally, under the mentorship of many prestigious individuals throughout the years for Tai Chi including Chen Yu and Chen Qingzhou. Kuan is influenced by military physicians in his family with occupations in the Taiwan Armed Forces, some notably were practitioners of Shaolin and Bajiquan. His grandfather served as a senior military officer under Chiang Kai Shek, during WWII. Ma Long is a Wutan Bajiquan uncle of Kuan’s and an old mentor in Beijing. Kuan is privileged to have networked with prominent figures in the martial arts community, including Yin Style Baguazhang Carrier He Jinbao, Shaolin 31st Generation monk Shi De Shan, and Jet Li’s coach, Li Junfeng.

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