Four Ounces To Deflect A Thousand Pounds

Four Ounces To Deflect A Thousand Pounds:

fundamental principal for developing listening power and martial strategy in Tai Chi Chuan.When meeting an incoming force or attack, the practitioner must gauge the structures, speed, power, and leverage required to intercept and redirect the opponent, whether utilizing four ounces of yielding strength to dissolve the force, or using thousand pounds of force to bridge the attack and then uproot the opponent. There is no separation between yielding and attacking. They are two parts of a whole interchanging in perfect unison. Dissolving in the sense of “Lu” Roll Back of the Eight methods, for instance is an example of a possible yielding, dissolving technique. Yet when Lu is applied with “An” Downward Press, the opponent may receive damage to the elbow and spine thus the neutralizing technique contains the thousand pounds of force. Four ounces or thousand pounds of power is understanding of Yin and Yang concepts of Martial Physics. Leverage, timing, control, and accuracy of strikes produce four ounces of strength equivalent to thousands of pounds of force through proper training in Tai Chi Chuan.

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