Hard Qigong – Asceticism and Combat

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Many are familiar with the amazing feats and stage show performances of seemingly, unworldly martial strength and prowess in Shaolin Kungfu.  Revered at times, and criticized as trickery in others… demonstrations such as resisting spears thrust into the neck, descend from asceticism in the context of monastic disciplines. Ancient ascetic traditions sought transcendence of the spirit through rigorous practices, ranging from meditation to body mortification. Characterized in various cultures or movies such as The Da Vinci Code- punishing one’s own flesh, and disciplined self-infliction of pain turned one’s attention away from the body unto the soul. The Shaolin warriors understood that structural change of human cells is achieved through hard Qigong practice, a transient variable that changes with the stimulation of human thoughts. The increase in field strength of the human biological field reaches divinity and heightens the capacity for combat.