Hidden Energy: Micro Movement

Martial Tai Chi Chuan Smooth Power:

Tai Chi Chuan practice is characterized as smooth, slow practice which may seem boring and unimpressive, as well as with bursts of fajing (explosive energy) which looks very similar to popular external martial arts. Slow practice is not without strength and contains much more meaning than just applied flex similar to lifting weights slowly/ it is often misunderstood as a practice for the elderly or one of magical qi.One strike is not as simple as generating force between two points, but infinite amounts of micro fajing (issuing of power) through every plane between the two points. The intent power flex and micro redirection, is contained within the transitions between two movements. Each posture is multi dimensional, capable of adapting and flowing, adhering, following, striking an opponent. By flexing slow but with strength, heightened sensitivity and listening power evolves. The practitioner is now capable of adhering continuously with an opponent, while maintaining precision controlled flex in any direction between very short distances. It is important to practice continuous smooth flex while not always generating 120 percent power in fajing to look externally impressive (which though has it’s place in martial physics), but is not to be the ultimate goal. Practice of slow movements allow a heightened level of dimensional precision in movement and contains Yin elements of hidden energy and intent power methods. Fajing is categorized as obvious Yang energy, which seems fast and powerful externally, though also slower in speed to change in micro directions. After generating so much energy into one strike, it is difficult to put on the brakes. Smooth power training allows for a continuous seeking force from even one strike, instead of chambering and striking, again, and again.

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