Round Biomechanics:

Park Front Fighting Arts offer primal movement and calisthenics programs for the scholar- for those with a modern holistic approach to authentic martial arts training, minus the combative elements.

Understanding primordial biomechanics and the demands of gravity provide a pathway to injury prevention while achieving more efficient movement. The neuromuscular coordination of ancient fighting postures alone can improve an athletes’ skills, tactics, and overall performance. Dynamic and repetitive movements optimize the sequential coordination of limbs and strengthen the musculoskeletal system.  According to the great Renaissance masters, structures that are generated, made, or directed by Nature, are round. Feudal martial arts are unique in the aspect of heightened circular focus. Spiraling every joint in the human body with controlled torque, finely adjusts muscle activation patterns while improving agility and power. Round biomechanics works similarly to a revolving helix, which in turn, benefits circulation. An example in physics is Archimede’s Screw, used to lift water to higher levels since ancient times. The rotating helices are simple, yet unparalleled in driving water through an inclined plane. The same principle applies to the human body which averages to about 60 percent water. Our programs have a biomechanical emphasis on the rounded structural physics of the human framework- with the perfection of nature.

Motion Patterns:

Our programs are structured with a modern athletic approach (focus on strength/ conditioning and mechanics minus historical routine work) or with a historical scientific approach (concise or comprehensive routine work integrated with all martial aspects).

Martial evolution through classical antiquity and the ever-changing environment requires a natural progression through complex motion patterns. Dynamic and repetitive movement training is the gateway to mastery of oneself during a fight, or when avoiding one. The upper and lower extremities of our bodies present distinctive motion patterns, which impose a considerable burden on the neuromuscular system of the untrained or the seasoned athlete under extreme stress. The ancients believed that any fighting art required a deep understanding of anatomy, which in turn was perfected by nature. Historical martial routines and development exercises are an excellent tool for self-discovery, upon victory or defeat. In feudal times, martial professionals emphasized neuromuscular control of multi-joint movements, driven by sheer explosive power, proper psychology, and determination. It was standard in the military to drill nuanced motion patterns of fight mechanics, still preserved in ancient Tai Chi Chuan or Northern Shaolin routines to this day. 

Martial Strategy:

We provide a contemporary or ancient approach to martial applications- with insight unparalleled in contemporary Internal Martial Arts culture.

Movement components of defensive and offensive maneuvers in fighting rely on coherent patterns of muscle activation and one’s capacity for problem-solving. The masters of the past sought efficiency in conflict whether through technological advancements, mathematics, physiological or psychological means. The prevention of excessive motion when external forces are applied and achieving victory through flexibility, remain principals worthy of exploration. The wise men say, winning the fight with minimal force is its essence. A reduction of exposures to repetitive high magnitude impacts and unnecessary duels- are of Nature, and the primary reason feudal masters preferred to use well-crafted weapons with reach advantage and superior ballistic velocity. Though popular now, one against one dueling is rare in ancient China. This is a modernized approach influenced by combat sports, and in regards to China, post-1928 reform with the sports/calisthenics movements borrowed from the west. In the feudal era, and much like the urban environment of today, the opponents are often unpredictable, abundant, with armed tendencies. Unarmed pugilism is a supplement for armed tactics and used for convenience, or as the founders of Northern Shaolin (Ming General Qi Jiguang) stated “empty hand boxing seems to be without the skill of the war, but the activities of the hands and feet are used with the body, for beginners to enter the door… If the boxing is a matter of the city and the small people, there is no use for the military, and the bare hand is used for the poor”. Chen Taijiquan, Baguazhang, Bajiquan are northern Shaolin styles descending from Qi Jiguang and Yu Dayou. For centuries, unarmed tactics serve as the gateway to becoming a more complete fighter- martial instruments/ strategy of past or present, has always been the core of Chinese Kungfu… At Park Front, we customize the training for an individual’s requirements and wishes, whether for combat sports or urban defense – context is emphasized.