Shaking Power: Force Generation

Tai Chi Chuan Power:

Spirals from the legs as directed by the waist (Dantian), and distributes energy with segmented force to the extremities.Fajing (Explosive Energy), movement and control, is an essential training method for the body to layer muscle group control into a single moment of peak acceleration to develop maximum potential for every strike. Consisting of a combination of core muscle coordination and breath, with mass, speed, and timing, Taiji develops the proper technique of Shaking Power, force generation. There are many flex variants and uses for Shaking Power in Tai Chi Chuan. Three general variants are 1.Whipping Shaking Power, characterized by a more flexible, snapping force, with the energy and structures of the strikes layered with increasing speed and flex, soft velocity followed by hard snap on impact of the target (similar to a bullwhip). 2. Resonating Shaking Power, characterized by a rigid stopping force, the structures of the strike flex in extreme density, distributing vibrations through the practitioner and target structures upon impact (similar to vibrations echoing from a struck steel bat). 3. Rapid Flex Shaking Power, characterized by an alternating, fast twitch contract and release of muscle fibers allowing linking and issuing powerful strikes within a fraction of the time required by regular fajing, and delivering more power per square inch, close to the target (similar to a jackhammer).

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