Sticking: Adhering

Zhan, Nian:

Sticking “Zhan” and Adhering “Nian” are fundamental methods in Tai Chi Chuan, developing appropriate change in response to outside forces.The practitioner yields and connects to sinopun merkezinde escortlar an incoming attack rather than attempting to meet it with opposing force. Sticking (Zhan) is the ability to make an opponent stick to yourself, causing the opponent to feel glued to you at the point of contact. Sticking controls which direction the opponent moves in relation to your offensive or defensive structures, usually after you dissolve the initial attack of your opponent. Adhering (Nian) is the ability for a practitioner to stick to an opponent. A more offensive energy than Sticking, Adhering allows one to maintain contact and following force, while continuously controlling the opponent’s center of gravity through the points of contact. The opponents will feel as though the practitioner is sticking to them no matter what they do.


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