Martial Mind, Biomechanics, and Ancient Tradition

wujiyang (2)Martial Mind

Integrate imagery of energy pathways synchronized with breath capacity, to generate and store power within the human body. Intent visualization and biomechanical alignments develop complex martial structures in Taijiquan practitioners.  Energy control along the meridian pathways, is enhanced with mind/dantian control methods and advanced coordination of every segment of the human body. Traditionally, the Dantian is the energy and gravitational center in humans located approximately three fingers width below the navel and towards the center of the body. The dantian is surrounded by unique layers of muscles and the vital organs within the lower abdominal region. Dantian Control develops accurate coordination of the internal abdominal muscles with martial movement/connecting the brain with the gut, which modern science considers to be “the Second Brain” and the Enteric Nervous System. The gut, like the brain, contains hundreds of millions of neurons and regulates not only digestion, but cognitive function as well as efficient response to the environment. By training the connection of the Dantian Control Methods with the practitioner’s mind/intent, synchronicity of internal energy flow with the spiraling of tendons is optimized, in an ancient evolutionary way.

 Biomechround taiji vitruvian (2)anics

Optimize your potential with principals and physics, developing accuracy of footwork and body requirements. Taijiquan is a sophisticated system of martial physics, utilizing nuanced martial strategy and body structure. Muscular rotations are developed with focus on the micro and macro levels. Very subtle movements and flex methods are used to zoom in on the natural muscle/tendon, and meridian framework. Taiji emphasizes technical concepts of rooting, moving and following, sticking with an opponent/ spiraling every joint in the human body with gear-like control. The stance varies from a shoulder’s distance to two shoulder widths. Both hip sockets are tucked and the tailbone rolls inward, creating the feeling of sitting while standing. Both feet are angled closer to parallel. The legs torque to create an arc at the base of the hips, and peak acceleration and control of muscle fibers, anchor the practitioner into the earth.

Ancient Tradition

Experience energy biomechanics and cChen_Taichiombative concepts, from the Ancient Martial Art of Chen Tai Chi Chuan. Traditional routines of nuanced energy methods to develop internal power, core control, and optimized martial function, utilizing physics and kinetics of the ancient world……….