Feudal Taijiquan/ Bajiquan Reunited

Contemporary Chen Taijiquan instruction often contradicts the feudal treatise of origin- ancient Taijiquan is taught alongside feudal Sanda techniques, inherent in Bajiquan (differing greatly from modern Sanda sport today often crossed trained with Chen Village styles).

Chen Wangting – Chen Taijiquan Founder

Chen Wangting, the founder of Chen Taijiquan- is a Military General who commanded hundreds of thousands of troops in battle, during the fall of Ming Dynasty.  While Chen Wangting did indeed instruct feudal Chen Taijiquan to farmers- the farmers were meram olgun bayan elite troops… a farmer oriented-army. Modern Chen Taijiquan curriculums are influenced by the second wave of sports modifications after the mid-20th century, integrated with the western calisthenics movement in the 1920s. The popular context of Tai Chi vs MMA is very much a result of contemporary sports promotions- not ancient whatsoever.