About Park Front Fighting Arts:

*Martial evolution through classical antiquity. Experience the martial traditions of the Renaissance- Park front. We provide detailed private training in feudal Tai Chi Chuan, Shaolin, Bajiquan, and Baguazhang. Primal movement integration in the physiology of action has been key to our survival for thousands of generations. Through our ability to employ motor functions, we have survived and developed sophisticated, instinctual movement systems in the process. Our programs feature Primordial Biomechanics & Pattern Training to enhance connections between the motor cortex and the body- for the scholar or sportsman.   *We also emphasize historical accuracy and Realist Self Defense for the warrior. 

About the Instructor:

Kuan Wu Wang is a dedicated practitioner/ historian of Northern Shaolin systems, with a foundation in feudal Chen Taijiquan, Bajiquan, and Baguazhang. Kuan Wu founded the Qi Jiguang/ Feudal Arts Research Organization in Austin, Texas, drawing from different combat disciplines of Shaolin styles. He has spent numerous years studying instinctual laws of human biomechanics, and remains devoted to the revival of Renaissance fighting arts before commercialization. Kuan Wu has trained internationally, under the mentorship of many prestigious individuals throughout the years: Chen Tai Chi including Chen Yu and Chen Qingzhou. Kuan is influenced by military physicians and servicemen in his family with occupations in the Taiwan Armed Forces, some notably were practitioners of Shaolin and Bajiquan. His grandfather served as a senior military officer under Chiang Kai Shek, during WWII. Ma Long is a Wutan Bajiquan uncle of Kuan’s and an old mentor in Beijing. Kuan Wang is an indoor student of He Jinbao, the lineage carrier of Yin Style Baguazhang. Kuan is privileged to have networked with prominent figures in the martial arts community, including Shaolin 31st Generation monk Shi De Shan and Jet Li’s coach, Li Junfeng.

About Classes & Rates: We Specialize in Distance Monitoring and Private Training

Class Packages:  

    • Solo private workshop, (120 min in Length): $100 (individual training in Elite Biomechanics, Neuromuscular Coordination, Motion Patterns, Historical Routines, and Feudal Insight) 
    • *Private workshops follow safety protocol for COVID-19. Those who are fully vaccinated will no longer be required to wear a mask to class. 
    • Multi-level martial application concepts for combat sports or historical weapons work are demonstrated with a training dummy (Customized Martial Concepts, Empty-Hand Dynamics, Armed Strategy, Fight Psychology)
    • Outdoor private group workshop, customized programs & schedules *Seasonal only: $100 per hour for 1-4 people+$20 per hour for 5-9 people
    • Reserve your first private introductory workshop (90 min in Length): $50 

Internal biomechanics are traditionally instructed on a one-on-one basis, or in small groups. This allows customization and isolation to practitioner’s learning curves. “