Beijing Artifact – Feudal Tai Chi Chuan/ Bajiquan

“LET’S MAKE TAI CHI GREAT AGAIN”!! Revive historical context in feudal Chinese martial arts- ancient kungfu in its pure form is mostly extinct in the modern world. Popular Tai Chi Chuan instruction today- stems from the PEKING OPERA tradition and 1928 fitness reform in China, contrary to the original historical systems in the ancient era. Unfortunately, modern Tai Chi promotions are influenced by the 1940s novel “Stealing Boxing” by Gong Baiyu- which presents inaccurate documentation of Yang Luchan and Chen Tai Chi Chuan. Our organization’s approach is research/ biomechanical, peaceful, & scholarly exploration into the world of feudal Chen Tai Chi Chuan- before commercialization from the Peking Opera (late 19th century) & literary imaginative interpretation of factual (internal) Chinese Kungfu. We are a martial studies organization dedicated to preserving original Taijiquan, which has been neglected by misinterpretation of the historical treatise. All levels of practitioners interested in refined biomechanics, martial concepts, and raw history are welcome- the foundation is Beijing Chen Taijiquan. Our organization cross-trains Wutan Bajiquan from the Liu Yun Qiao line. Beijing Chen is characterized as “Gongfu Jia” or martial frame Taijiquan, retaining most of the medieval elements from ancient lineages- containing both Ming Dynasty armored and Qing Dynasty non-armored historical artifact. GONGFU JIA Chen Taijiquan is unique primarily because of the feudal BAJIQUAN integration and improved unarmed strategy popularized in the late Qing and Republic of China era. Bajiquan and Gongfu Jia Taijiquan descend from the same late Ming era roots of Qi Jiguang treatise, shifting to non-armor spear focus and short-range strikes- crucial for armed escorts of the late 19th to mid 20th century.  Beijing Chen/ Bajiquan have inseparable connections and have the same genetic similarities.  The principals of Gongfu Jia Taijiquan compliment any martial system and are not limited to taijiquan. Taiji is often instructed to practitioners already skilled in other martial systems, or individuals just interested in historical insight into ancient kingdoms. Medieval Taijiquan and Bajiquan takes a nuanced biomechanical approach to the historical methods- backed by factual research and military science. We specialize in private training.

»Distance Monitoring By Feudal Historians Now Available:  Research Driven & Methodical Online Programs  Unparalleled In Modern Kungfu Culture«