Beijing Style – Ming Dynasty Martial Arts

Experience internal biomechanics with historical and modern combative concepts from the Beijing style of Chen Taijiquan. Beijing Chen is characterized as "Gongfu Jia" or martial frame Taijiquan. Our organization's focus is on historical accuracy and restoration of Taijiquan before commercialization from the Cultural Revolution in China. The Ming Dynasty martial art has shifted dramatically in the modern world- Taijiquan is now viewed as either a traditional sport or gentle exercise when historically the art utilized a deeper level of sophistication and practicality. Beijing families emphasize the "New" Frame methods of training, which is regarded as the original Old Frame/Advanced methods of the historical Taijiquan. The traditional routines develop heightened internal strategy, to enhance power and martial precision, reinforcing biomechanics in one's primary defensive approach, empty hand or ancient/modern weapons. The advanced structures of Gongfu Jia Taijiquan compliment any martial system and are not limited to taijiquan- Taiji is often instructed to practitioners already skilled in other martial systems. Gongfu Jia Taijiquan takes a nuanced biomechanical approach to the ancient art, sport fighting is not the focus- as one on one empty hand combat is only supplemental in ancient times of conflict when traditional weapons were integrated. Complete historical understanding of the art requires the practicality and context of the art to not be lost. We specialize in private training. SPLIT RATE PROGRAMS NOW AVAILABLE