Antiquity In Motion

Step into the timeless world of Tai Chi Chuan, where ancient traditions predate modern reforms in physical culture and sports. The original teachings of Tai Chi Chuan trace back to the Ming Dynasty, rooted in the military practices of feudal times and intertwined with a holistic philosophy of defensive strategies.

Feudal Chen Tai Chi, known as Gongfu Jia, stands apart as a clear distinction from the modern interpretation of “gentle exercise.” This ancient art embraces a profound understanding of nuanced biomechanics and psychology, delving into the depths of human potential.

Beijing Gongfu Jia Tai Chi Chuan carries a rich historical legacy, surpassing the commercialized versions of Tai Chi prevalent in today’s world. It embodies a lineage that spans ages, offering a profound connection to the roots of this timeless practice.

Experience the authenticity and depth of Tai Chi Chuan as it was meant to be, immersing yourself in the history, philosophy, and transformative power of this ancient martial art. Discover the wisdom passed down through generations and unlock your true potential with Beijing Gongfu Jia Tai Chi Chuan.

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