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Strategic Biomechanics: Fight Intelligence

Tai Chi Chuan stands as a sophisticated system that encompasses physics, intricate martial strategies, and refined body mechanics. One of its fundamental principles is to minimize exposure to repetitive high-impact forces and avoid unnecessary duels. This is why feudal masters favored well-crafted weapons with extended reach and superior ballistic velocity, as it preserved the intelligence of combat.“Even a single fighting-related injury resulted in a significant reduction in IQ over time even after controlling for age, race, sex, and changes in socioeconomic status (SES) over the study period.” PubMed  Tai Chi Chuan is renowned for its biomechanics, which operates at both micro and macro levels of engagement. It embraces a scientific approach with minimal ego involved. The art emphasizes technical concepts like rooting, moving, and following, as well as sticking to an opponent and spiraling every joint in the human body with precise control akin to a battle tank. The ancient classics describe Tai Chi as an art capable of deflecting tremendous force with minimal effort, relying on a deep understanding of complex internal mechanics, feudal psychology, and practical modern weaponry.

Historical Routines: Defensive Frame Work

“Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.” Lao Tzu

Embark on a transformative journey through the centuries with the captivating system of Tai Chi Chuan. This ancient art seamlessly blends the inner focus of internal practices with the military tactics of the Ming Dynasty, drawing inspiration from the visionary General Qi Jiguang of the mid-16th century.

Fascinatingly, modern science reveals a captivating truth—the spiral form of skeletal musculature is a universal pattern found in all Vertebrata, including humans. Within the realm of Tai Chi Chuan, the feudal routines reign supreme, offering unparalleled advancements in the micro and macro spiral arrangement of our very architecture.

The Chen Tai Chi system stands out for its profound mastery of historical “body skill,” cultivating a unique muscular control that harnesses the power of spiraling forces in conjunction with integrated strategies and weaponry. Through the mesmerizing motion patterns of Tai Chi, practitioners can train with deliberate, deliberate precision, developing muscular layering that leads to astonishing displays of explosive power, shocking energy release, and harmonious coordination of the entire body.

Within the framework of Chen Tai Chi, the body undergoes a transformative metamorphosis, becoming like steel wrapped in silk. This extraordinary development nurtures adaptability, flexibility, and stopping power, empowering practitioners to move through life with grace, resilience, and unparalleled strength.

Prepare to immerse yourself in the secrets of Tai Chi Chuan, where centuries-old wisdom converges with the limitless potential of the human body. Unleash the power of spirals, refine your control, and become a living embodiment of strength and versatility. The journey awaits—embrace the art that elevates ordinary individuals into extraordinary forces.

About Classes & Rates: By Appointment Only

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Solo private workshop, (120 min in Length): $120 – (individual training in Strategic Biomechanics, Mindset, Historical Routines, and Feudal Studies) – The course alternates between solo training and multi-level martial application work with a training partner here (Customized Martial Concepts, Empty-Hand Dynamics, Armed Strategy, Fight Psychology, Urban Self-Defense).

Outdoor private group workshop, customized programs & schedules *Seasonal only: $100 per hour for 1-4 people+$20 per hour for 5-9 people

Reserve your first private introductory workshop (120 min in length): $100

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  • One Semester Live-Training (4 hours intensive private training per month for four months) $800 [expires 6 months after purchase]   Email: for more info.